I am an engineer and psychologist with a PhD in Psychometrics (applied statistics). I currently work as a Data Analytics Team Lead at Deutsche Bahn (German Railway Company). Some of my previous employments were as Data Analyst at Staples, many analytics consultancy gigs as a freelancer, researcher and lecturer for methods and statistics at the Department of Psychology at Bremen University.

On this site I keep a list of published software, academic papers and presentations, as well as a blog with technical and general posts.

Technology and tools I use in my work:

Python R SQL Tableau Docker git AWS linux shell ansible Excel HTML JavaScript CSS Django Asana JIRA Confluence RStudio VS Code DBeaver Zotero

Selected Projects


  • OpenRepGrid | Tools to Analyze Repertory Grid Data

  • gridsampler | A Sample Size Simulation Tool for Multiple Grid Studies


  • Culturetools – A company I co-founded that helps organizations explore and develop their corporate culture

  • talkingdata – A visualization and reporting service focusing on survey data


  • Heckmann, M., Burr, V., & King, N. (2023). OpenRepGrid.ic: A Software for Interpretive Clustering. Journal of Open Source Software, 8(82), 1–5. [PDF]

  • Bundtzen, H., Heckmann, M., & Hinrichs, G. (2021). A Constructivist Approach to Visualise Organisational Agility. Business Ethics and Leadership, 5(2), 96–106. [PDF]

  • von der Schulenburg, C., & Heckmann, M. (2021). “Culture eats strategy for breakfast” – Über die Erfassung von Team- und Organisationskultur [Talk held at the Rethink HR Tech Conference 2021, 05.05.2021 (online)]. [PDF] [Video]


  • “Culture eats strategy for breakfast” - Über die Erfassung von Team- und Organisationskultur [Video]

  • An extension of procrustes analysis to aggregate idiographic attribute datasets [Video]